Thursday, April 27, 2006

Ebook Cover's Made Super Easy and Super Fast!

I have tried many of the auto, do-it-yourself programs for making box covers and ebook covers. And take it from me, they ALL SUCK! They all end up looking too amateurish and blocky. So how does the pros make ebook covers? With the best software program in the world...Adobe Photoshop (PS)! But for most of us this can be either too difficult a task or beyond our skill level.
That's where "1ClickCovers" comes to the rescue! Max Rlyski is a professional web and graphics designer. He has been using Photoshop for years, and has a much higher skill level then most of us can hope to accomplish on our own.

Max's "1ClickCovers" includes extremely valuable tutorials, tips and tricks about making professional eCovers in Adobe Photoshop, and the best part of this package is he also includes 32 of his own PS Action Scripts that he uses to make covers! As experienced as Max is in PS, it took him about 100 hours to master creating covers in PS. His Action Scripts which we simply add to our PS actions folder makes the whole process work in just one click!

I was totally blown away how easy the process was, and how great my own eCovers looked! This is an incredible package! In addition to the things you learn about making ebook covers, you will also walk away learning how to use Photoshop more effectively too!
All you need to know is the very basics of Photoshop! Even a newbie can do this! It's that simple...

Look if I can do it, any one can do it! Professional quality ebook covers is a must for better conversions! Poorly designed or badly made covers look unprofessional convert very poorly. So before you buy any ebook cover creator, you should definitely check out Max's Amazing "1ClickCovers" Program!

So what's involved? You simply open up Photoshop, start the action script of your choice, and it immediately creates a master template for you. Then you simply choose your graphics, your text, and click the action button to instantly get a great looking 3D cover! Click on another action and you instantly create the reflection effect. You end up with a great looking professional ebook cover!

Click here to check out Max's Amazing 1ClickCovers!


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